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Government publishes response to the Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices


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Government publishes response to the Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices.

On the 7th February 2018 the government published its wide-ranging response to the Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices. It sets out the government’s proposals to increase workers’ rights and their awareness of those rights, and the action it intends to take against employers who breach their workers’ rights. The government’s proposals include day-one rights for all workers, including casual and zero-hours workers, an itemised payslip and the right to request a “more stable” contract; providing clearer financial information to agency workers; developing an online tool to determine employment status; extending the qualifying period for continuous service beyond one week; reviewing the redundancy legislation in relation to pregnancy and maternity; and introducing tougher enforcement measures and penalties for employers who breach existing employment protections.

The government will not be taking forward the Review’s proposals concerning expedited hearings and a reversal of the burden of proof in employment status cases, nor its proposals regarding rolled-up holiday pay, as the ECJ has held this to be unlawful.

The government considers that many of the proposals in the Taylor Review require further consultation before it can decide how best to proceed. Therefore, on the same day as it published its response, the government launched four separate consultations on the enforcement of employment rights, agency workers, measures to increase transparency in the UK labour market and employment status.

The employment status changes proposed in the Taylor Review represent the single largest shift in employment status since the Employment Rights Act in 1996. It is essential that any action the government takes preserves flexibility in the labour market and does not impose any unnecessary burdens on businesses, whilst simultaneously providing workers with more certainty and clarity as to their employment terms.

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